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All Creatures Animal Welfare League

Mrs Lonely V. Magreta, Trustee

Principal Secretary for Education, Science and Technology is such a big strategic asset to the education ambitions of the organisation. Her experience in the education fraternity is invaluable to our work.

Oct 1944: ​The first animal cruelty piece of legislation was provision in the Laws of Malawi. This is the Protection of Animals Act. This was last amended in 1970. 

Aug 2008: With the support of the Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development (DAHLD), Malawi’s first animal welfare organisation in the form of the Lilongwe SPCA was established as an initiative of RSPCA International.

March 2012: ​The first national police sensitization on the Protection of Animals Act was conducted by the Lilongwe SPCA at the police headquarters in Lilongwe. This attracted the senior level police officers in all the regions in Malawi.

July 2014: The landmark animal welfare judgement was taken out on grounds of cruelty and neglect of a proprietor of a crocodile farm  

Jan 2016: All Creatures Animal Welfare League Trust was founded as only the third animal welfare organisation in Malawi only after both Lilongwe and the Blantyre SPCA


Richard was born in Nairobi, Kenya, raised in Entebbe, Uganda and currently living in Lilongwe Malawi with his wife and three daughters. Growing up in an animal loving household, helped nurture his love for animals which has led him to his life long challenge of working with people to help the animals, promote animal welfare and curtail suffering. With over 17 years experience in the struggle to promote the welfare of animals, All Creatures has offered yet the perfect opportunity to address this on a wider, more systematic and sustained effort. 

Robert Komakech, Chairperson

Robert is Director of Operations a world renowned Human health organization MSH. He brings his NGO experience, organizational dynamics and vast networking experience to the Board.

Dr. Richard Ssuna Msc.

The Kasungu Elephants


Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources


All Creatures is a  locally registered animal welfare charity in Malawi. The Trust was established to promote animal welfare in holistic approach but from a local perspective in order to respect the local traditions and social norms while embracing the current science. We draw from the positives that science reveals, to build on the desirable community or society practices while raising awareness to cause a behavioural shift to the predominantly desirable practices. This is attained through a dedicated team of all local staff to whom animal welfare and all its benefits and challenges effects are close to home. The organization seeks to build capacity locally to not only tackle animal well-being but all to build a critical mass of informed individuals to drive the animal welfare agenda locally and nationally. Through our core values, All Creatures values the synergies derived from partnerships, collaborations and government engagement. In the quest to reverse what is viewed to a bad state of affairs in most of Africa, we strongly commit to education activities as the most effective and sustainable means of creating a better place for the animals in Africa.

Mike Chinoko, Secretary

Deputy Director, Malawi Law Commission. His trade and office sits well with the aspirations of the organization. His vast experience in government procedures and the matters of law are invaluable to the Board of Trustees.

Joshua Chizonda, Vice Chairperson
Joshua is a Tobacco Business consultant with acclaimed international and global perspective of the industry. He is a great asset to the Trust Board as against whom the we rely to advise on financial trends and our budgetary forecasts..


Making the world a desirable place for all beings. We envision All Creatures activities to cross borders in pursuant of Africa that cares for her animals.

Stichting DIO in the Netherlands .

core values

•Foster collaboration
•Government partnership
•Community engagement and empowerment

Our board of trustees

the History of animal welfare IN MALAWI




Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development.

Dr Bernard Chimera, Trustee

Director of the Veterinary Department and experienced veterinarian. As head of the animal welfare competent authority, his representation on the board in crucial in the strategic direction of the organisation.

Fletcher Tionge Mlotha, Treasurer

Fletcher is an auditor by profession. His accounts background and his deep understanding of charitable books of accounts as well as the statutory requirements make him an invaluable member of our board.


To improve animal welfare by promoting environment stewardship and sustainable living through the provision veterinary services, research, awareness, advocacy and policy.