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Impact Statement​​

1. 3500 pupils were educated during the World Rabies Day at Kafulu Primary School

​2. Coverage of over 100,000 pupils in Lilongwe annually

​3. Over 1 million viewers were reached on Zodiak Tv Panel on World Rabies Day

​​Rabies is among the worst zoonotic disease in the world and responsible for over 70,000 deaths annually. The control of this viral disease control continues to pose global public health challenges in the developing world. Fortunately it has been successfully demonstrated in the in the Western Europe that mass vaccination can control and eliminate the virus that causes the disease from the host populations.

In developing countries, over 90% of confirmed and reported cases of human exposure are from domestic dogs. Despite the availability of safe, relatively cheap and effective vaccines for dogs, rabies remains uncontrolled throughout most of Malawi and Africa at large. Malawi is fortunate to have well supported NGOs that have supported government

All Creatures seeks to address the apparent failure of the current control programmes by partnering with other organisations to access resources, expertise and raise awareness about the true burden of the disease which has resulted in rabies being perceived as a low priority relative to other health programmes.

Through the elimination of inappropriate strategies (e.g. dog culling) and developing cost effective strategies, we aspire to eliminate rabies from Malawi within the next five years. For example the Lilongwe City Council Dog Population Control Resolution to end dog shooting was a great boost to the humane control of rabies in the Capital. To qualify as epidemiologically worthwhile, a vaccine delivery strategy needs to be effective in both coverage and cost.

 With the support of our partners, the coordinator and the foot teams, we aim to vaccinate at least 70% of the dogs as recommended by the World Animal Health Organisation. This is established to be sufficient in preventing rabies in the community. All our teams are equipped with sophisticated technologies to establish the level of dog population accessibility, numbers vaccinated, animal welfare states of the animals in order to collect the all important data for further interventions.

While historically Lilongwe and Blantyre cities have been adequately covered, All Creatures seeks to raise this coverage to the rest of the country in order to ably control the disease in all the corners of the country. We work jointly with both the Veterinary and local government staff and teams are often bolstered by local and international volunteers. For international volunteers that would be interested in this project are encouraged to contact in May to allow for the planning on the campaign in September.

Typically all vaccinated dogs are marked, issued with the vaccination certificates, registered on the android phone app and recorded. All dogs are vaccinated, regardless of age and cats are omitted from the exercise in order to refine the target for a more effective immunization.