​As one of the few animal welfare charities in the country, All Creatures ​is by default an important stake holder in the various animal related industries, not limited to Livestock and Wildlife. This therefore compels us to be primary advocates and champions in the addressing various shortcomings in public policy that would impact negatively on animals.​ Our role in this is effected directly through lobbying but may also be advanced indirectly through collaboration with other influential entities representation, to ensure that animal welfare is provided for in all matters of public policy.  

World Animal Day

​The use of campaigns and the engagement of pertinent public offices is one of the avenues, we look to accentuate the ever increasing role of animal welfare in the world today. Sending pertinent messages out to the public on relevant international days is another strategic opportunity that we exploit to ascertain message dissemination and impact. The World Animal Day, for which Dr Ssuna is the official Ambassador for Malawi is a discreet opportunity to put animal welfare concerns on a national pedestal.

Veterinary Legislation and Policy

​With the close collaboration with all the relevant government departments and Ministries, All Creatures plays a very significant role in the development of legislation as well as public animal policy. While as charities, our work is greatly judged by the number of animals we rescue or save from unpleasant situations, we are also duty bound to explore the uncomfortable world of legislation and national policy as it is through these that all our efforts towards animals protection are supported.   We recently were part of the National Task Force that met the OIE Mission on Veterinary Legislation Review in Malawi. And the organisation voice was made on the repealing of the current Protection of Animals Act. Other specific roles played include our presence on the Technical and National Rabies Control Taskforce, the Livestock Development National Policy and recently the Animal Genetic Resources Conservation Strategy.

Impact Statement

​1. Reviewing the Malawi Animal Welfare Guidelines.

​2. Participate and sit of the Malawi Policy-Hub

​3. Review of the Malawi National Livestock Policy

​4. Reviewing the National Livestock Strategy


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