All Beings Deserve a Decent Quality Life

All Creatures Animal Welfare League

​​Impact statement:

1. We cover 56 schools in Lilongwe.

​2. Established 3 Roots and shoots clubs

​3. Conducted 10 peer-peer education with Bishop Mackenzie International School.


Introducing compassion to animals through educating school going children is central to All Creatures programmes.  We aspire to introduce the humane treatment of animals and sustainable living in the formative stages of youngsters in order to create a moral responsibility towards both their animals and the environment in their future. 

It is indeed our observation that mankind has an inherent love and interest in animals and but this is gradually obscured by several experiences and societal norms an individual is exposed to when growing up. In a society where poverty, rabies and other more pressing basic personal requirements are a challenge, it is probable that animal compassion would certainly fall down the individual list of priority and may indeed suffer as a result.

All Creatures strives to nurture this basic inherent perspective through extra knowledge on animal needs and sentient nature in order to always have the animal perspective of the world they live in. Humane Education is undertaken in classrooms with the age bracket of 10-14 years. This is done with the express permission of the District Education Coordinator and the corresponding Head teachers in the schools. The classes are divided in sessions of one hour to keep the pupils interested, question and answer session and end of class evaluation.  

Through the humane education programme, we have partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute to promote Roots and Shoots in Malawi. Also ​through our Trustee we are engaging the Ministry of Education in a more strategic inclusion of Humane Education into the primary school curriculum. With an already well received extracurricular Humane Education activity in the schools, it’s clear that this would be the next obvious step that to undertake in collaboration with other partners to enrich the subject for the benefit of the exercise and ultimately the pupils.

In a bid to increase on the potential of the educators to address humane education needs of the pupils, we also run teacher training education workshops to equip them first with the need to introduce to compassion towards animals to the children, their roles and the critical content that they need for their classes. It is All Creatures goal to ensure that humane education is self propelling and made a core addition to the teachers’ training colleges.