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All Creatures Animal Welfare League


All  Creatures mandate spans both domestic and wildlife. Due the present global situation of the national parks, the poaching and illegal ivory and other contraband trafficking on one side; the state of animal transport, slaughter, working animals like security dogs and donkeys, the prevalence of rabies and stray dogs and other cross cutting issues on the other, gives All Creatures a very big challenge but one that we are resolutely taking on with our various partners. We look to the support of every person of good will to support us in the various undertakings that we have embarked on;

Consultants Programme(Share your Expertise) 

Share your  expertise with us and the communities we serve through offering to join our team for a specified period. The need for specialist expertise is always there but there are variations on the expertise from time to time depending on the planned or on-going activities. The specialties range from builders to accountants. This is a greatly varied set of specialties that anyone can apply directly to Be advised to make Expert the subject in your e mail.

International Volunteer Programme

All Creatures greatly values volunteers that come to our organization. For the offer of the special African experience, often visiting individuals impart some special skills to the staff and contribute greatly to the organization as a whole. We accept volunteers between 2 weeks and maximum three months. Unlike the previous placements, volunteer experiences require that you contribute towards your stay and the project that you are undertaking. Volunteers are also encouraged to carry one or two items from All Creatures Wish list in order to support our cause as well as the operational team. Applications or inquiries on placement availability may be sent to with a subject Volunteer in the email.

In-kind donation (Wish-list)

As a charity organization we depend on donations and grants from well-wishers. We have a list of items that would be very beneficial to many of our projects. All the donations in-kind that we receive, off-set out budgetary provisions to allow All Creatures serve many more animals and people. The wish list is updated annually to reflect the urgent needs of the organization.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations can be made directly to All Creatures. These maybe tagged with the specific programme for which the donation is being made and be sure to indicate on this on your wire transfer. While we are still working on our merchant bank account kindly e mail for bank account details.

Corporate Sponsorship

We welcome Individuals, Business firms, Organization and companies that would want to further our Non profits work to support us as Corporate  Sponsors. Any form of Sponsorship will directly benefit the communities we serve. All Creatures will appreciate your work by developing ways to support you back. For more information please contact us on


.....................All Your Support Counts.........................

Your expertise, time and resources will be well received in the under privileged communities we work with.