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All Creatures Animal Welfare League

All Creatures has the mandate to provide assistance to the City Councils through the Department of Animal healthy and Livestock Development  in situations involving animal utilization, both domestic and wild, to ascertain public safety in the most humane way available. This is achieved by controlling the number of roaming and unwanted animals in and hence reduction animal related dangers like diseases (especially rabies), bites, air and noise pollution and road traffic accidents.  In advancing the humane care of animals All Creatures provides consultation to players in the animal industry on responsible animal, animal products and  waste management; and assisting the Government of Malawi in tracking the rabies virus through Mass Rabies vaccinations and Intensive Spay and Neuter Clinics.

The dog population management involves the actual capturing of stray dogs found loitering on the streets; these are caught with nets attached to metal poles and transported to the veterinary station. Here they are sterilised, vaccinated against rabies and dewormed. The surgery is done under general anaesthesia with all the appropriate pain relief before the dog is delivered back to the spot of capture. ​All animals are assessed before surgery for age, injuries, chronic disease, signs of disease to reduce the surgical risk to ensure a successful surgery. All sick or very old animals are humanely euthanized.

​The programme principally reduces the number of stray dogs , reduces the risk of dog bites and inevitable controls rabies prevalence  in the city.



Irresponsible pet care leads to lots of unwanted puppies and a high number of roaming dogs which increases dogs bites and hence rabies.