Animals need good stewardship and animal professionals like veterinarians ought to be equipped appropriately to cause change.

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For the purposes of capacity building, All Creatures collaboratively works with partners to raise local capacity through tertiary training with the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), Mikolongwe Veterinary College and Natural Resource College to train students (mainly veterinary and animal science) in all components of pertinent to animal welfare in Africa.

We have additionally added the Conservation College and Malawi Police Training School on the agenda. This is to ensure that, as a country, we can elevate animal welfare to a level that will have a direct impact on the nature of production, human health, moral and legal obligation, professional ethics, international trade, environment and conservation and obviously ultimately benefit the animals.

While animal welfare and other conjoined challenges like climate change and One-health are on the global agenda, we aim to build capacity to identify the linkages and soundly articulate these issues in order to influence policy and keep up with global trends in the most critical sectors. All Creatures therefore views, her capacity as a critical component in championing this throughout the pertinent tertiary institutions especially the new Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Animal Resources.

All Creatures further desires undertaking the challenge of building a critical mass of knowledgeable people on whom the nation and the accountable citizens can rely to advocate for sound and appropriate policies are pursued and instituted in Malawi. 

​The goal is to ensure that we empower the students through offering them opportunities to real life situations and linking that to training content in order to equip them for a purposeful professional future.



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