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All Creatures Animal Welfare League

While it is true, for all domestic animals, that animal ownership comes with certain prerogatives to the owner,  All Creatures has the unwavering belief that the vast majority will treat their animals with love and care although there is often deviants to this norm.

Through a network in the community, by mandate divested from the Ministry of Agriculture, we monitor and regulate ethical utilization of animals. The organisation aspires to raise the animal owners duty of care and appreciation of their responsibility and determine what constitutes of basic animal needs in order to adequately provide for them. This duty in underpinned by regulations for the ethical and responsible animal ownership and utilization to avoid unnecessary suffering.

We ensure that our inspectors address all reported and observed cases of animal cruelty, throughout the country. This mandate drawn from by the Protection of Animals Act and All Creatures endeavours that animal utilisation is done in the most humane way possible. ​Should any member of the public feel that an individual animal maybe suffering in anyway, including neglect, we advise that you contact our offices on to register the report and demand feedback within 24 hours.

While the aim of our response is to temporarily retrieve the animals whenever its deemed necessary and effect corrective measures within a specified period of time before the animals is returned to their known home environment, we reserve the option of prosecution in courts of law of uncooperative individuals. All these efforts largely depend on the Malawi Police Services and financial availability. For further information on the exercises contact us directly.


Enforcing the Animal Control City Bylaws and the Protection of Animals Act on Malawi is used to reduce animal suffering

We work with the Police Local Governments in effecting the Legislation