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All Creatures Animal Welfare League

Due to various climatic and land use factors, mankind has suffered devastating effects from natural disasters. Many of the communities, especially in sub Saharan Africa lose all there belongings, including livestock. While some international attention is often paid to these communities through the provision of relief services, the surviving or stranded animals are not given any consideration.​Many of the affected people have been documented to have suffered immensely and some died, the desperate attempt to save their animals.

All Creatures is a firm advocate for the rescuing of distressed animals caught out in disasters for reasons because of the value these are animals are to the people, their role is providing resilience to affected families, to allow families to address the basics during repatriation but also accord animals some level of  empathy in recognition of their sentient nature and role in the community.

We seek international support to assist of efforts in such disasters in order to save these animals and from a national perspective, contribute to the mitigation that government and humanitarian international organisations provide at such times. ​​Individuals with a great passion and wishes to support this activity may contact to get involved.



Severe floods hit the Lower Shire in 2015 and left villages in the most despicable state. 

#Never again