Being in the centre of the country's capital, All Creatures is heavily challenged with the numbers and volumes of animals that cry out for our intervention. The organisation runs the Animal Resource Centre in Area 9 next to the National Stadium in Lilongwe and this is fondly referred to the Animal Haven ​by some people. It's here that all rescue animals are delivered and housed.

​Typically the animals are rescued from various states of suffering that range from abandonments, sheer neglect and sometimes voluntary surrendering. We also deal with some situations of blatant animal owner or minder cruelty but all these scenarios are handled and investigated and addressed as potential animal welfare cases where individuals can be charged with animal cruelty using the Laws of Malawi.

​The Centre takes animals through rehabilitation phase, both physical and behavioural assessments in case the courts of law require this information but most importantly to assess progress in there condition as many of them would have come from very distressful conditions and require as much support as possible to get back to normal. Medically, these animals are also quarantined for a month to allow for disease screening and treatment through a period of thirty days which significantly reduces the risk of rabies transmission in case the individual is rehomed. All animals are fully vaccinated, dewormed, free from ecto-parasites and behaviourally assessed before they are rehomed.

​We predominantly received cats and dogs at the Centre, although we have capacity to respond to any other animals that might require immediate temporary relief before a more appropriate destination is sourced. As a new organisation, we still need to get improved animal housing to in the newly acquired premises to allow for the highest level of comfort for all the animals under our care.

​We encourage the public to visit us at our Centre in Area 9 to view animals that we have for adoption and as a reminder: All these animals were rescued from the most abusive circumstances and would greatly benefit from the provision of a loving home. With you, we can work to alleviate animal suffering while at the same time benefit from the companion of a loving and affectionate pet from us. The Trust pledges to support any non domicile individual or family that adopts a dog from All Creatures, with unrivalled support and cut cost prices in the process of repatriation of any animal/s.  

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