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All Creatures Animal Welfare League Trust is a locally registered animal welfare charity in Malawi, which aspires to link animal welfare with the wellbeing of the people. Our goal is to address local animal welfare issues with local solutions that meet current scientific and ethical considerations in animal utilisation.

​We work very closely with the government of Malawi, and empower communities as well take a lot value in harnessing synergies through partnerships.

All Creaturesis a small locally run animal welfare charity with a team of committed and dedicated staff. We run animal rescue service, veterinary clinic in Lilongwe and various community animal welfare, livelihoods and environmental programmes all over Malawi.

Who are we?

Richard K. Ssuna

Country Director

Kari Scott

Director Operations & Animal Rescue

Our Mission


  • Animal Rescue Centre

Meet Our Team


Delphine Rwemalika

Field Vet. Programmes Coordinator

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All Creatures Veterinary Services

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To improve animal welfare through promoting responsible and sustainable-living, the provision of community veterinary services, conduct research,  awareness activities and advocate for sound public animal policy and legislation in collaboration with other stakeholders.

All Creatures is in very advanced stages of establishing an ANIMAL RESOURCE CENTRE in Lilongwe. This is as a result of a call for an animal clinic that will further enrich the animals in both the city and peri-urban underprivileged communities of the greater Lilongwe.


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The world will a better place for All Creatures through improving animal welfare. Donate your time to the animal clinic, lobby your member of parliament or donate to support our work. We rely on you to make this world a better place for the animals. We also have animal welfare jobs for the passionate individuals.